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Free algorithm/system code for you all - using RSI

So i thought this would interest a bunch of you. I wantd to show a simple system that has worked since it was published in 1996, thats 23 years of "out of sample" testing.
The system was published in a book in 1996, using RSI which was published in 1976.
The system is created by legendary trader Larry Connors.

The rules are as following:
Rule 1. Price is above Moving average 200 (The filter)
Rule 2. RSI[2] crosses under 10 (The triggeentry)
Rule 3. RSI[2] crosses above 50 - you sell

Thats it. As many might be thinking: theres no money management? no stop loss? no target?

Not in this backtest. That said you should definitly backtest with different types of money management to see what works best.

The picture shows the system (blue line) vs buy and hold (orange line). The market is S&P futures (called US 500), on the daily timeframe. The software used for backtest is ProRealTime and the broker is

Edit: This is a very well known system amongst people who algotrading/systematic trading. Im gonna bet some of you have heard about it, for others its an eye opener.

Edit: The photo is trading 4* 1€ contracts. Meaning if US 500 moves 1 point higher, you earn 4€. Buy n hold is using 1*1€ contract. The reason for using 4*1€ contracts in photo is because the RISK of buy n hold = 873 pips/€ drawdown as maximum drawdown. The RISK of the strategy using 4* 1€ contract = 900€ max drawdown. So the photo is showing what you COULD have gotten vs buy and hold for the same amount risk taken. Another Edit: You can trade as many contracts u want, the point is whoever many contracts you buy n hold, u can trade the same number * 4 with this system and it has outperformed buynhold by faaaaar.

edit: People have asked if this works for forex and or other markets/timeframes: It might, it might not. For US500 the results are good. You have to backtest in other markets to see if its profitable or not.
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How to use the MACD technical analysis tool IG

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